User Authentication

Access to each section website is limited to a select group of users for that section as determined by the section adviser or section staff adviser.

Common Errors

no-user-found: No user was found matching the ArrowID provided.

If you receive this error code, the ArrowID that you logged in with does not have a user account for that website. Please check that you are logging into the correct login page for your section. If you are still unable to login, please contact your section website administrator to verify the email on your account.

Adding New Users

Users can be added by users with administrator level access.

  1. Log in to your section website and visit the administration area.
  2. Select users from the left hand sidebar.
  3. Select “Add New”.
  4. If the user has existing access to another section website, complete the section “Add Existing User”. If not, select “Add New User”. Simply having an ArrowID does not make them an existing user.
  5. The email that you enter must match the email on the user’s ArrowID. If you are unsure, please confirm with the user before adding them.

Updating Your Email

To update your email, log in to and follow the process to change and confirm your new email. Once the confirmation process is complete, log out and log back in to your section website and your email will update automatically.

If you have another user account with this email, your account will not be able to update automatically. If your email did not automatically update, please contact support at

Two Factor Authentication

We highly encourage all users to take advantage of the two factor authentication offered by ArrowID. Visit to configure two factor authentication.

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