Suggestions and Getting Started Information

Welcome to your new Section Website! This page will help you get started with the basics.

To login go to your new section website (example: and type /wp-admin after the URL (example: From here you will use your ArrowID to log in. If you have any issues please see our documentation.

Now that you are logged in, take a moment to go through the different parts of the admin dashboard to familiarize yourself with the different sections. Now that you have had a chance to poke around try this quick task.

  1. Navigate to “Posts”
  2. Then create a new post
  3. Type anything in for the title and some filler text for the body.
  4. Now “Publish” your post to the main page and in a new tab view it.
  5. Navigating back to your admin panel and then the “Posts” tab, find and delete the post you just made.

Congrats! You just made, published, and then deleted your first post.

For the majority of the content on your site, we recommend using Elementor instead of the default WordPress editor. When available you will see an “Edit with Elementor” button. Elementor is a drag and drop editor that allows you to create an elegant website without needing to know any pesky code. If you are new to Elementor we recommend you watch this video to learn some of the basics of how it works.

Another reason why we picked Elementor is because of its excellent support material. If you ever need any help creating your website, feel free to use the video tutorials and help center provided by Elementor. Additionally, for extra support we recommend, you do not contact Elementor directly and instead email us for support at

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