Embedding Documents and Videos

By default, our servers will not allow you to upload documents and videos. For your document hosting and sharing needs, we strongly recommend using our provided Google Drive offering. From there you can embed files such as a PDF with the following directions.

  1. Navigate in Google Drive (not Google Docs/Slides/Sheets/etc.) to the file you wish to embed.
  2. Right click then click Preview.
  3. In the upper right hand corner click More actions then Open in a new window.
  4. In the new tab, again in the upper right hand corner click More actions then Embed item.
  5. With the provided link, paste it into a HTML block and click Publish.

Embedding videos is even simpler using Elementor’s builtin video block. Simply paste the YouTube/Venmo/etc. link into the block and Elementor will automatically embed the video. For more documentation and information, see the how to page on Elementor’s website.

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