2020/2021 Section Officers

Row1: Chief Grant; Southern Region Chief Nick; Row2: Vice Chief Correbin; Secretary Ethan

Congratulations to our new 2020/2021 Section Officers!

Nick Morey- (upper right)

From Ma-Nu Lodge, Nick was the past Ma-Nu Lodge Chief, and SR-8 Chief until elected by his peers as Region Chief.

Grant Kim- Chief (upper left)

From Ma-Nu Lodge, Grant was a Vice Chief for 2019-20, and Section Secretary for part of 2020.

Correbin Day- Vice Chief (lower left)

From Wisawanik Lodge, Correbin was the 2019-20 Vice Chief of Administration.

Ethan Saffle- Secretary (lower right)

From Quapaw Lodge, Ethan was elected Secretary in early 2021.

Chris Phillips – Adviser

Brian Aneshansley – Associate Adviser